• Mewados

    My real life fish

    July 7, 2015 by Mewados

    I currently have a 47 gallon fishtank that houses two goldfish.

    The white one is a comet named Veto. He is about 7-8 inches long including the tail, and I got him almost seven years ago when my biology teacher had us do an experiment. When I first got him, he was less than two inches long, and mostly gold with a few black markings. I originally had him in a ten gallon tank, but he quickly got big enough that he needed more space. When he was little, he got stuck in a plastic tube, which we had to break to get him out. He also once got a piece of the aquarium gravel stuck in his mouth. We had to put him in a bowl, hold him down, and use tweezers to get it out so he could eat again.

    The gold one is a common goldfish named Bois (It's french for…

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