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  • Hi guys, I tried to fix this problem with mobage contact but I didn't get success. The problem is that I can't login on facebook inside game to send gifts or see my friends.  Always I clicked on connect button the facebook page appears but just disappears and comeback to friends page (but friends dosen't appears). The green light didn't appears, and any message returns  I tried reinstal game, I tried clean data, I tried click in the "across" buttons.  If I go on facebook APP, I can see game data saved there, but in game didn't return any message when i try login Help! I want so much play with my friends on facebook! Thank's

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  • Hi, welcome to Splash: Underwater Sanctuary Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Prerelease Discussions page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Hi Layla,

      I really want to help out with this.

      I didn't even know you were starting this up.

      Let me know what I have to do prove myself.

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    • You're already proven by DV and Flutter.

      Is that your hidden way to say: gimme rights!? ;) However, you got them. And as said already: You never listen! ;)


      P.S.: You can do everything here, you think, that must be done.

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    • Only give the rights if you feel like I earned them.

      Thank you for the rights. I must have missed the announcement on Flutter earlier.

      Now I can go bring some MediaWiki code over including toggles.

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    • I'm giving them for sure only, if someone deserves them. Rights are no "Kamelle" (German, if you know what it is, you know, what I mean ;).

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    • A FANDOM user
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