Friends are an important part of the game.
Icon§Gift Besides the opportunity to play and have fun with each other, Icon§Gift
you can send and receive gifts.

Adding Friends

As long as no friends are added through Facebook or Gamecenter, you will see the message You're connected to a Social Network but none of your friends have connected yet. Why not use the invite button below to get them playing?

The device you are playing on determines how you can add friends:

  • Android users are able to add new friends via Facebook. To connect to Facebook friends, make sure you are connected to your Facebook account by opening the Friends menu in your game. If you see 20px next to the Facebook Icon, you are connected (20px means you are not connected). To connect or disconnect simply tap the Connect button 35px.
  • iOS users are able to use Facebook, but they can also use the iOS Game Center 20px. Connecting and disconnecting to 20px works in your game in the same way as with Facebook, as described above.
  • Note: You can also invite friends to play the game with you by tapping 35px to let them know, by Email, Facebook or SMS, that you are playing Splash.
Feel free to leave your Facebook and/or Game Center ID at the comments!

Icon§Gift Gifts Icon§Gift

Usually you are able to gift five gifts for free to your friends every day, but only one gift for each friend.


  • Your real name is displayed on the Friends page in Splash. When you open a gift underwater, Splash lists the GCID under the gift. If you have many friends, this can make it difficult to determine which friend sent the gift. Some players change their real name to their GCID. Sometimes there is nothing listed for name on the Friends page in Splash, this may be caused by the Game Center real name beginning with a special character (*needs verification).
  • Only the first fifty people you add as friends will show up on your in game friends list. After that point, you can add new friends, but you won't be able to send gifts to them until you remove inactive friends from your list. It is helpful to have many friends, because while you may not be able to give to all of them, receiving more gifts will allow you to save more splashcash.

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