Every game has some bugs, especially in the beginning. This page is ONLY collecting bugs, glitches and issues from users for users, and offering solution for the meantime until it's fixed. In many cases shutting down the game resolves the issue. The game developers might check in here and see, but no guarantee! If you want to make sure your issue is noticed by them or if you have serious problems, use the contact possibilities of RunawayIconunaway.

The following bugs in the game have been reported by one or more members of the wiki:

Version 1.31.1

  • Feeding Loop: On some occasions Seahorses stuck on feeding in a way they can be fed unlimited time, giving the experience expected, but the feeding bar doesn't stay on the next step and falls back. This might be seen as bug abusing if done by purpose – not wanted by the developers!
  • Endless Scroll: Sometimes on opening the Aquqpedia book, you might scroll down to a nirvana without keeping the screen touched. To stop and come back on the top to the reef you eather need to create a new egg or to shut down and reopen the game.
  • Video Snail Lost Reward: The Video Snail might forget to give you the chance to gamble for the reward. But it's not lost at all, as the count of left videos to watch isn't decreased, but you have to watch the video again.

Version 1.2

  • Gifts crash game: When some gift chests are clicked on, the game will crash. Wait for any recent actions to save before clicking on gift chests; after enough crashes & reloads, the gift chest should open properly.
  • Can't feed fish: Update 1.2 introduced a new method of fish feeding, where you drag the food item from above the pot onto the fish. While the turtle is showing you this new fish feeding method, the old way of feeding fish (click on the fish and drag food from the bubble that appears over the fish) doesn't work. After you finish following the turtle's instructions, both feeding methods should work again

Version 1.0

  • Missing Keys: If your inventory is full when you level up, you will not receive a key.  Contact support and they should replace them for you.
  • Missing Coins: If you harvest corals too quickly, you may not receive credit for all the coins.
  • Missing Friends: Friends are missing from the list even if connected through social media or Game Center.
    • Disconnecting from the social media of Game Center and connecting again may temporarily resolve this.


  • This list doesn't list all possible issues!
  • Listed bugs and glitches regarding not intended personal benefits shouldn't be used with intention!
  • If you find a bug giving you a not intended personal benefit, don't abuse it. RunawayIconunaway might inflict a penalty for doing so.